Zeds Dead & Jauz – Lights Go Down (LICK Remix)
(6/8/2018) Six months following the huge collaboration between Zeds Dead & Jauz on “Lights Go Down”, an official remix pack is released featuring an array of artists and styles.
Within the suite of artists to remix the deep yet fast and atmospheric track between Zeds Dead & Jauz, rising star producer LICK is among the nine to officially release his rendition of the collaboration and be included in the remix pack.
Playing on the industrial sounds found in the original, LICK introduces his signature dark vibes showcased, in abundance, alongside his own productions into his remix of, “Lights Go Down”. Bringing deep bass lines and a rather unique underground tone, LICK stays congruent with the sound highlighted in his latest EP, “REVOLT”. This same sound adds a layer of diversity to the likes of the “Lights Go Down” remix pack. One we haven’t heard of.
LICK started seeing stardom following his recent releases on the Deadbeats label for his tracks involuntarily bring an eerie yet dancey vibe to listeners. Succeeding his appearance debut on the Deadbeats tour in Salt Lake City last month, LICK is undoubtedly one to watch. This month, LICK can be found in Canada as he is slated to play at Valhalla Sound Circus.
Listen: LICKS “Revolt” EP

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